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Griz Guides, “All Killer, No Filler”… The ULTIMATE in outdoor recreation guidebooks. What sets Griz Guides apart from other guidebooks is my innovative vision in bringing you the most concise, clear, accurate and pertinent information. In order to do this right, the author actually has to get off their ass, go out in the field and experience what they are writing about. With the Griz Guides series, you can rest assured that I have personally covered each route in every guidebook at least twice! Griz Guides are written with the most up-to-date, field-researched information using the latest G.P.S. technology, all presented in a user-friendly guidebook. With that said, all users must remember that Griz guides are written about natural, living and changing environments. Change is inevitable so be prepared! Exclusive features of Griz Guides:

  • G.P.S. based, highly descriptive mileage logs
  • Accurate G.P.S. designed digital maps
  • Hydration pack/pocket-sized guide ready for the ride
  • Detailed driving directions with G.P.S. trailhead waypoints
  • The “Black Box” visual mileage map cues, to align maps with mileage log
  • A percentage of sales are donated to KMBA (PA IMBA Chapter) to protect PA trails
Mountain Biking Rothrock State Forest
Your ultimate guide to endless adventure in the Central Pennsylvania Mountains. Stony white ridges and verdant green valleys set the backdrop for some of the finest riding on the East Coast. At the heart of this region lies the Rothrock State Forest, laced with countless miles of saucy singletrack. This painstakingly detailed guidebook will lead you on a journey through 45 awesome mountain biking excursions. From sketchy singletracks to relaxing Rail-Trails, you’re guaranteed to find an adventure waiting for you! This guidebook covers the entire Rothrock State Forest and includes the Stone Valley, Raystown Lake and Southern Moshannon State Forest regions. 50 maps and over 70 pictures. $15.95 plus FREE! S&H

Mountain Biking Bald Eagle State Forest
The first in a series of State Forest guidebooks, this guide unlocks the secrets of the Seven Mountains region. Between folded, rocky ridgetops and lush limestone valleys lies a hidden mountain bike mecca unlike any on the East Coast, including the famed Jim Thorpe region. Endless mountains, miles of singletrack and expansive views await the adventurous rider. This painstakingly detailed guidebook opens the door to 37 of the finest rides in this region! The guidebook covers all areas of the Bald Eagle State Forest plus the Southern Tiadaghton State Forest and the secret Williamsport Water Authority. 38 maps and over 70 pictures. $14.95 plus FREE S&H

Mountain Biking Pennsylvania
Mountain Biking Pennsylvania went out of print on 9/13/13.

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